City of Kigali to take possession of perennially idle land

On 12 November 2019 at 02:06

City of Kigali management have revealed a plan to take possession of state owned or individuals’ idle plots of land as well as incomplete residential and commercial buildings.

During a press conference held yesterday, Kigali leadership revealed a plan to take possession of such ideal properties in order to maintain cleanliness and implement law provisions.

Article 58 of the Constitution stipulates that the owner can be deprived of his/her land when it is located in the perimeters of Kigali city staying idle for three years respectively.

The law also stipulates that stalled building under construction is considered as abandoned property susceptible to cause insecurity when it spends either two years without active progress or when the owner cannot be identified.

Kigali city vice mayor for urbanization and infrastructure, Dr. Nsabimana Ernest said that such laws will be applied to make Kigali a clean city and advised property owners to put them to proper use.

Nsabimana revealed that the law also concerns state-owned property located in mentioned areas.

“We had policies but the management of Kigali city wants to implement revised measures to mobilize owners to exploit their property in accordance with Kigali city Master Plan. Further legal actions will be taken for owners failing to comply with legal provisions,” he said.

According to Kigali City officials, the policy will be initially applied to owners who failed to comply with regulations following several warnings.

The City of Kigali reports they have identified over over 50 idle plots of land.

Kigali city vice mayor for urbanization and infrastructure, Dr. Nsabimana Ernest with the Eng.Eng Mugisha