Construction works at Gatuna One-Stop Border Post to be completed next month

On 30 May 2019 at 10:41

Rwanda plans to complete construction works of Gatuna One-Stop Border Post bordering with Uganda in Gicumbi district, Northern Province next month.

According to engineers supervising construction works at the border post on Rwandan side, the progress of the project is at 96% and will have been completed by next month.
In March this year, Rwanda closed Gatuna border to heavy vehicles that were directed to cross through Kagitumba and Cyabika corders as construction activities are underway.
The border is expected to improve cross border trade upon completion and reduce the time spent at the border during clearance processes.
As IGIHE visited the construction site, workers on the Rwandan side were working tirelessly to have it completed the soonest possible.
Tarmac roads on Rwanda side have already been completed as efforts to make them green, planting grasses along the road sides are underway.
Buildings are also in final phases as workers are currently painting and doing other light works.
“Construction works stands at 96% on Rwanda side. This means activities will be completed within two weeks. By then, the remaining thing will be relocating equipment from old to new buildings and installing internet,” one of engineers supervising the project has told IGIHE.
Gatuna border post project is expected to be completed at a cost of Rwf 15 billion.
Even though construction works nears completion on the Rwandan side, Uganda is not putting in much effort in the project.
By the time IGIHE visited the border recently, no works were being executed on the side of Uganda expect cattle seen grazing around the project’s premises with the presence of old structures.
The construction of some buildings has also stalled while no tarmac road has been built.
The stalling on Ugandan side worried members of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) as they visited the site in 2018 after the World Bank stopped the funding.

Worker are spearing no effort to complete their work
Modern houses are being built near Gatuna One-Stop Border
Construction work at Gatuna One-Stop border are ongoing and almost completed