Coping: Water bills to be electronically delivered, digitally settled

On 31 March 2020 at 07:22

As Rwandans continue to cope with the effects of coronavirus epidemic, different institutions have devised means of remotely carrying out transactions through digital platforms. The most recent to announce remote transactions with their customers is the Water and Sanitation Corporation [WASAC] who, according to an announcement will electronically generate March2020, water bills and the consumers will pay with digital currency.

WASAC staff that under normal circumstances would go to consumers’ premises to read water meters are now working from their homes to access water usage and metering, generate bills and advise consumers on the amount payable for the particular period.

A statement issued by the agency on March 30, 2020, says that WASAC staff are now working from their homes and deliver bills using telephone and WhatsApp technology, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

WASAC is asking those who have to pay for water, to look at last month’s receipts for the phone numbers of its employees, and to send their own contacts.

"Since they don’t have all your phone numbers, we ask you to look at last month’s bills or any of their phone numbers and names, and send them the numbers on the meter or take a picture of it and send them via WhatsApp," he said.

Dan Iraguha, WASAC’s communications officer, told IGIHE that for those who don’t have a receipt to get the numbers, they can use other means to inform WASAC of their account details.

"One can take a photo of it and send it to us on WhatsApp or Twitter, wherever she can get it to WASAC, and we immediately send it to a local WASAC employee. One can copy the contents of his meter and then send them either by email, social media or by sending it to the WASAC department. "

WASAC encourages subscribers to visit its website to see how quickly they can pay via digital platforms including mobile money.

Water bills to be electronically delivered, digitally settled