Coronavirus: Five new cases, 118 in total, seven healed and discharged

On 11 April 2020 at 01:18

The Ministry of Health has announced that among the1036 cases tested for coronavirus, Friday, five of them turned out to be positive, bringing the number of COVID-19 patients to 118, seven of who have completely healed and discharged.

The Ministry has also explained that all the five patients identified on Friday had made contact with COVID-19 positive cases inside Rwanda.

All patients that have tested positive have been isolated as they undergo treatment. The ministry continues to track down all people in the country with whom the patients made contact for timely testing and attendant management.

The Ministry has, in a statement, also reminded all people that those who are certainly aware that they came in contact with COVD19 patients but decline to report to health facilities for testing and treatment will face prosecution.

The statement reads in part ‘‘Any person who conceals information about people that got in contact with a known coronavirus patient, puts lives of others at risk and, on the discovery, such a person will be prosecuted before the courts of law.’’

Since the identification of patient zero on 14 March 2020, a total of118 have been diagnosed with coronavirus, seven of who have healed and rejoined with their families. All patients are responding well to treatment and none is in critical condition.