Court adjourns bail application hearing of former minister

On 6 November 2019 at 05:10

Nyarugenge Primary court has re-adjourned the hearing of Robert Bayigamba, the hearing of former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture on alleged crimes of illegal acquisition and sell of property that did not belong to him.

He was arrested on 22nd October 2019 and appeared for the first time in Nyarugenge Primary court on 30th October 2019 for bail application hearing on alleged crimes as investigations got underway.

The hearing was adjourned after Bayigamba told the judge that he was not ready for trial citing the absence of his defense lawyer. He requested time to negotiate his legal representative to which prosecution said is part of the suspect’s rights to get legal representation.

Bayigamba was taken to court today as expected but the hearing could not proceed because prosecutors were holding a general assembly.

It is said that Bayigamba sold land to two different persons. It is alleged that Bayigamba received payments in advance from one buyer but later sold the same land to another person and failed to pay back the advance.

Bayigamba is among prominent figures in the Private Sector. Apart from being the Managing Director of Manumetal Ltd, he once chaired the association of manufacturers and the Private Sector Federation.

Bayigamba also assumed different functions in the top management of different institutions including RwandAir, Soras, Agaseke Bank (currently Bank of Africa), Banque Populaire and the University of Rwanda among others.

He also served as the Minister of Sports and Culture and the Chairperson of the Olympics Committee in Rwanda among others.

Bayigamba is among prominent figures in the Private Sector.