Dilemma as whereabouts of Rwandan university students arbitrarily arrested in Kampala remain unknown

On 2 December 2019 at 10:16

Eight Rwandans including four students at the Kampala International University are still missing after being abducted by Uganda Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). On Wednesday, 27th November, 2019, the Rwandans were arrested by the military where they were taken to prison in a location that was not communicated. Their families, schools and the Embassy of Rwanda don’t have any update regarding their arrest.

In the beginning, the families of the abducted Rwandans were told that they were taken to Kabalagala prison but this was discovered to be fake news as they were told, later on, they were incarcerated at the CMI prison of Makindye.

Some of the students were born and raised in Uganda and the reason they were arrested is only that they have Rwandan origins.

Among the abducted students are Joram Rwamwojo, who is also the president of the student body at university, Living Kagaara, Emmanuel Namanya, and Andrew Mugisha.

They have not been charged with any particular offense.

They were incarcerated along other Rwandans including Joan Mutesi, John Kamugisha, and two others under the names of Kimenyi and Kakuru.

Colleagues of the abducted students say they were apprehended at the university hostels by the CMI but that the military never showed any arrest warrant.

The Kampala International University council says the arrests are worrying especially as they were taken during exams and with no arrest warrant.

One of the university’s administrators whose name will not be published told Virunga Post that “Our students missed exams due to this arrest. We are calling Kabalagala Police Chief for help and to give us details about the whereabouts of our students.”
For three years now, Rwandans in Uganda have been arbitrarily arrested, incarcerated by the CMI and are not taken to court for legal proceedings.

All the arrested Rwandans are accused of being spies and are tortured and subjected to forced labor including cultivating and molding bricks.

In March, 2019, these arrests prompted the Government of Rwanda to advise Rwandan citizens to stop travels to Uganda for security purposes after testimonies of more than 900 Rwandans who were incarcerated and tortured for months.

The arrests reached an unimaginable extent after Rwanda expressed its concern about the RNC terrorist group using Ugandan territory to conduct its activities helped by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) with the aim of recruiting more members to destabilize Rwanda’s security.