Diplomats accredited to Rwanda visit Nyungwe National Park

On 18 May 2019 at 07:58

Heads of Diplomatic and Consular Missions, as well as Regional and International Organizations accredited to Rwanda, have visited Nyungwe National Park to experience the beauty and biodiversity in the park’s ecosystem.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the visit is part of Diplomatic Up-Country Excursion organized for the 4th time to be held from 17 to19 May 2019.

According to the ministry, the excursion aims at giving Heads of Mission the opportunity to explore the diverse splendors of Rwanda, through educational and physical approaches to extend and enrich their knowledge and experience.

This year’s program takes place in the Western and Northern Provinces of Rwanda, from 17th to 19th May 2019 with a focus on Wildlife Health, Environmental Sustainability, Tourism, and Community Education.

It is an occasion for Heads of Mission to get firsthand information on the progress achieved by local entities, and a way of building and developing cooperation between Provinces and countries, Regional and International Organizations accredited to Rwanda.

The excursion that kicked off yesterday saw the group of head of missions accredited to Rwanda with Rwanda’s delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Richard Sezibera departing from Kigali heading for Western Province to Nyungwe National Park.

After a fun walk to the Canopy in the park, members of the Diplomatic Corps discovered the magnificence of Kamiranzovu waterfalls.

The visit to Nyungwe National Park comes as an opportunity to demystify rumors from foreign countries that the area is not safe.

Recently some countries are said to have advised their citizens to be watchful when visiting Rwanda and warning them against visits to some parts of the country like Nyungwe National Park and some areas in the neighborhood borders for their security.

Rwanda Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard Sezibera responded by calling on people to ignore alarmists issuing travel advisories against Rwanda through online publications.

“Friendly advice...ignore alarmist reporting from online publications from a neighboring country on travel advisories. They are incorrect. Example, Canada made no significant change to her advisory for several weeks…. Same risk level as France and the UK,” Dr. Sezibera said in a tweet.

Photos of the Diplomats’ Visit

Photo Source: MINAFFET