Disasters take lives of 70 Rwandans in 2019

On 1 October 2019 at 04:24

The Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) has revealed that disasters have taken lives of 70 people and destroyed 6708.65 hectares of crops across the country within nine months of 2019.

Statistics released by the Ministry during a press conference held today indicate that more disasters left more than 177 people injured and 4095 houses destroyed.

Among others, disasters took lives of 167 livestock, destroyed 163 classrooms, one health center, six roads, 49 churches, 11 bridges, 15 administrative offices, three water distribution lines, 60 electricity distribution lines, three markets, and one factory.

Rwamagana district had the largest number of residents who died of disasters totaling 15 followed by Ngororero with eight people while Rusizi, Kirehe and Nyanza districts recorded a big number of injuries.

Kirehe district has the largest number of destroyed houses accounting to 1946, followed by Ngororero with 222. Kirehe also recorded the largest portion of destroyed arable land totaling to 5477.5 hectares followed by Ruhango with 202 destroyed hectares.

Landslides, floods, lightning among other disasters took lives of over 200 last year, destroyed infrastructure, killed livestock and crops among other ravages.

MINEMA has recently announced preparations of advanced mechanisms to forecast and alert people from disaster-prone zones to flee before.

During these rainy seasons, MINEMA appeals to the public to take possible measures counteracting disasters by clearing and building waterways, digging ditches, strengthening roofs lest they are shattered by the wind, check the robustness of houses and relocate from risky zones among others.

The Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) has revealed that disasters have taken lives of 70 people