Dr Dusabe’s killer gets 20 years

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 20 December 2019 at 10:50

A Congolese, Junior Kamono, has been given a twenty-year sentence by the Western Cape Court, South Africa, after finding him guilty of murdering Dr. Dusabe Raymond, the first Rwandan Gynecologic oncologist, a specialist in diagnosing and treating cancers in a woman’s reproductive organs. He was working at King Faisal Hospital.

Junior Kamono’s trial started in January 2018 and was concluded on September 30, 2019. He was found guilty after incriminating evidence and sentenced to 25 years in prison, of which he has already served five.

The police arrested Junior Kamono after following Dr. Dusabe’s car that had gone missing too on the day he was murdered.

He also had met Dr. Dusabe in Sea Point, a suburb in Cape Town, a few hours before he was killed.

Dr. Dusabe Raymond was killed while on a vacation in South Africa. He had started working at King Faisal Hospital in April 2017, after completing his Gynecologic oncology studies at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

After graduating, aged 40, he realized his dream of becoming the first Rwandan Gynecologic oncologist.

He grew up in Burundi, in exile with his family, and returned to Rwanda in 1998 after completing his secondary school studies.

Dr. Dusabe Raymond was killed while on a vacation in South Africa.