Fans of Misigaro canceled concert refunded

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 12 March 2020 at 05:08

The would be revelers of “Each one Reach one” Adrien Misigaro concert that had already bought tickets which was canceled due to coronavirus scare are being refunded.

The gospel concert which was supposed to take place March 8, 2020, was to feature big name artists including Adrien Misigaro, Gentil Misigaro, Israel Mbonyi, and others.

Now Melody of New Hope (MNH) founded by Adrian Misigiro, in an announcement is calling the ticket buyers who want to get their money back to go for it from Kimironko at in Shema Ticket office in the “Promise House” building.

Refunding will run from March 12-16, 2020 during working hours.

However, the announcement requests ticket buyers who want to support Melody of New Hope family that they can as well leave it and will be accepted as a donation.

In a recent interview with IGIHE, Adrien Misigaro said if the coronavirus epidemic goes away, they will do their best to re-organize the concert as they had planned.

Melody of New Hope is calling the ticket buyers who want back their money to go for it and those who want to support MNH family can leave it as a donation.
Adrien Misigaro and his supporters performed a concert on Youtube but their fans were not present