Five arrested as Police intensifies clampdown on illicit brew

On 21 December 2019 at 10:50

Police in Southern region has urged the general public to provide timely information towards the protection of communities against illegal drugs and illicit brews.

Concerted operations and sensitization efforts have been conducted by the police and its partners in crime prevention to end this menace. However, it is evident that some individuals are still breaking the law by processing, trafficking and selling illicit brew and drugs.

The reaction followed several operations in the recent past where a number of distilleries of illicit brew have been destroyed, substances disposed of, and owners arrested.

In the latest operations conducted on December 17 and 19, Police disposed of about 1, 000 liters of illicit brew known as ‘Muriture’, which were seized from illegal distilleries and led to the arrest of five suspects, in Nyaruguru and Huye districts, respectively.

Police identified suspects as, Venuste Nkundimana, 30, Celestin Munyemana, 36, and Desire Bizumuremyi, 28. Others are Geraldine Kabatesi, 30 and Benjamin Majyambere, 35, all arrested in different sectors of Nyaruguru and Huye districts.

Police Spokesperson for Southern Region, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Sylvestre Twajamahoro, said the “operations are continuous” and called upon the residents to “give no room for people that poison them with psychotropic substances” by reporting dealers.

“RNP will carry on fighting against illicit brews and drugs. We have formed local partnerships to do this, but more still needs to be done through community policing in order to completely cut off both the manufacturing and distribution chain of these products,” he said.

"When narcotics are rampant, citizens feel insecure, due to negative effects such as drugs related break-ins and burglaries, rape, violence and other crimes."

CIP Twajamahoro added, “To overcome this challenge, dealers in narcotics must be brought to justice, but we should recognize and encourage the wider role that partnership between Police and the general public can play in reducing the impact of this scourge on our communities.”

RNP continuously engages in breaking the supply chain of narcotics by mapping-out individuals and groups involved in this crime, which has led to the arrest of hundreds of dealers, most of whom have been prosecuted.