Former WDA boss, eight others arrested on embezzlement charges

On 21 September 2019 at 02:45

Eight high profile officials from different institutions including Workforce Development Authority (WDA) Water and Sanitation Corporation (WDA) WASAC and Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) have been arrested on account of misuse of public funds.

These include Jerome Gasana, the former director-general of WDA and the head of finance and administration at the institution.

“Rwanda Investigation Bureau has arrested eight people for alleged misuse and swindling of public funds. These include the former director-general, project coordination officer, the head of finance and administration and the head of human resources at WDA along with the head of investment and human resource department at RSSB,” reads RIB announcement.

Other arrested leaders include the former investment officer at WASAC, Ruhinyura Joseph and the head of resources and administration Nyiringango Alfred.
They were investigated since 2017.

RIB announced that investigation is ongoing within other public institutions pointed out for misuse and misallocation of public funds by the Auditor General’s report to hold accountable those behind it and recover the funds.

Since 2016/17, WDA was blamed for the misuse of public funds as pointed out in the Auditor General’s report. It was reported to have placed orders for a large number of equipment which remained idle while others got ravaged inside stores.

WASAC was also blamed for misuse of public funds which left members of the management arrested in 2017. Those include the former CEO, Sano James who was later acquitted of accusations related to the illegal offering of tenders.

Nyiringango and Ruhinyura were among other leaders who were fired and investigated by the time of Sano’s arrest.

WASAC was also reported for an illegal offering of tenders worth Rwf 10 billion as indicated by the 2016/2017 audit report.

The Auditor General’s report indicates that WASAC implements recommendations at 28% which is considered the lowest rate compared to other audited institutions.

Jerome Gasana is the former director-general of WDA