Gatsata-Nyabugogo bridge to be closed for two days

On 26 July 2019 at 02:37

The management of Kigali city has announced that road users won’t able to use Nyabugogo Bridge on 27th and 28th July 2019 between 6 and 11am due to construction works to take place at the bridge on mentioned dates.

According to a statement from Kigali city, the announcement concerns all road users including vehicles and pedestrians crossing the bridge heading to and coming from Gatsata.

“Traffic officers and workers supervising construction works will be at the construction site to direct pedestrians while small vehicles heading to or coming from Nyabugogo may use Gisozi- Karuruma and Nyacyonga-Gasanze Batsinda roads,” reads the statement in part.

According to Kigali city, large vehicles will stop respectively in Gaseke, Nyacyonga, Karuruma, Shyorongi, Giticyinyoni, Ruyenzi, Bishenyi, Rugende and Nyabugogo as construction gets underway.

Road users from Ruyenzi and Shyorongi heading to Nyamirambo, Gikondo, Nyanza and Bugesera among others have been urged to use the new road Ruliba- Karama-Nyamirambo to avoid traffic jam in Nyabugogo.

The construction of Nyabugogo Bridge started in December 2018. Stout bars crossing the river have been installed to the bridge under completion works while the rest is next phase is building a tarmac road over it.

The bridge will be completed at a cost of US$ 7 million.

The construction of Nyabugogo Bridge started in December 2018.