Gatsibo: Mamfu residents build cell office worth Rwf 40 million

On 30 May 2019 at 11:14

Mamfu cell in Muhura sector of Gatsibo district, Eastern Province has got a new office building worth Rwf 40 million raised from contributions of its residents.

The idea was part of residents to create own solutions following 25 years working in rented office of one room.

The new office was inaugurated on 28th May 2019.

Thacien Bizimuremyi, one of the residents said that having one office building would result into queuing outside the building exposed under hot sun or rain.

“I once returned home without getting served because there was a long queue standing outside,” he said.

Another resident Rose Mukamusana said: “We decided to create own solutions raising funds to build our own cell office to seek services in a decent building.”

The executive secretary of Muhura sector, Steven Rugengamanzi has told IGIHE that residents supported the construction for five years within their means.

“Construction works began in 2014. It required a lot of energy but residents decided to seek own solutions than expecting external support. Those owning vehicles helped in transporting sand, stones and bricks; others gave their hand for construction activities among others,” he said.

Mamfu was the only among five cells of Muhura sector without decent office building.

Mamfu was the only among five cells of Muhura sector without decent office building
The new office was inaugurated by a large number of citizens on 28th May 2019