Gatsibo residents construct complete office worth Rwf 18 million for community mediators

On 11 June 2019 at 12:09

Residents of Ngarama sector in Gatsibo district have constructed completed community mediators’ office worth Rwf 18 million.

The president of community mediators in Ngarama sector, Gervais Murisa said the idea concept to build the office came from residents.

“The Except the plot of land was provided by the Government and all other resources that made possible the completion of the building were provided by came from residents.

They raised funds within their means. Some would contribute Rwf 100 or 2000 while others provided labour and support through community work until completion of the building,” he said.
Prior to the construction completion of the new office, Murisa revealed that community mediators used to conduct business gather under a tree.

“With the new ample and decent building, we hope to improve service delivery,” he stressed.
The executive secretary of Ngarama sector, Jean Claude Rugaravu highlighted that the idea was hatched by came from residents to help community mediators move from working under trees to a decent office.

“Whenever it rained, community mediation activities halted pushing everyone to return home. To address such a matter, residents raised contributions until the office was completed,” he said.

According to the mayor of Gatsibo district, Gasana Richard, the office is the first one built for community mediators and that the gesture is a reflection of replicates solidarity among citizens.
The completion follows another milestone where residents of Mamfu cell inaugurated cell office worth Rwf 40 million.

Ngarama sector has 42 community mediators that have mostly . According to officials, most of solved cases that relate to demarcations of plots of land, family disputes and handling lingering cases for unpaid debts between members of the community among others.

In 2017/2018 year, community mediators countrywide 49,528 (97, 3 %)cases.

The idea concept to build the office came from residents.
The community mediators used to conduct business gather under a tree.