GGERAYO AMAHORO: Road safety education resumes in schools

On 18 January 2020 at 11:30

Rwanda National Police (RNP) and ANPAER, an association of owners of driving schools in Rwanda, this week, resumed the joint awareness campaign in primary and secondary schools to educate students on road safety rules and regulations.

The campaign that resumed on Tuesday covered 62 schools in the 36th week of the year-long campaign.

It follows a similar education programme conducted in October last year, which covered other 649 other schools in different parts of the country. The campaign intends to cover all schools across the country.

While addressing more than 1, 200 students of Groupe Scolaire Kimironko II, in Gasabo District, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Irene Umuhozari, the District Political and Civic Education Officer (DPCEO) for Gasabo reminded the students to beware of road traffic regulations and use the road responsibly to avoid being hit by vehicles, motorcycles, and cyclists or causing accident.

“You know that accidents take people’s lives, majority the young people of your age; that’s a loss to families and the country,” CIP Umuhozari said.

“Observe while crossing the road; stop, look left, right and left before crossing. The major cause of accidents especially those involving pedestrians and students like you, in particular, is carelessness and lack of full attention when using or crossing the road. ”

CIP Umuhozari emphasized “observation” as the key to avoiding causing or being involved in an accident.

The DPCEO told the students to safely use pedestrian walkways where they exist, not to play in the middle of the road and to always walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

Françoise Furaha, the Headmistress of G.S Kimironko II, lauded RNP for educating their students on how to use the road or move in the car safely.

“We are so privileged to have police officers today teaching us and students because there are so many things we ignore or don’t know when using the road but now at least they have found some light on them,” said Furaha.

“This campaign comes at the right time, after this session we will keep on teaching and reminding them how to use the road with no risks,” she added.

The year-long campaign dubbed ‘Gerayo Amahoro’ launched in May 2019 is meant to develop and implement sustainable road safety strategies and programs, increase road safety awareness towards mindset change to prevent road carnage.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) resumed the joint awareness campaign in primary and secondary schools to educate students on road safety rules and regulations.