Government to launch construction of 1200 classrooms

On 9 August 2019 at 12:00

The Government of Rwanda is set to inaugurate construction of new 1150 classrooms and 108 latrines in 30 districts across the country.

The project to be launched tomorrow is expected to address the challenge of overcrowding specifically common in primary and 12-year basic education schools and reduce long-distance students travel to reach schools.

The Minister of Education, Eugene Mutimura attributed the overcrowding to a large number of students yet they use old classrooms raising the need for construction of new classes and renovation of existing ones.

Minister Mutimura told the parliament on March 2019 that the Government has drawn strict measures to address overcrowding.

“The Government allocates an annual budget to build new classrooms. Some of the existing classrooms were constructed in 1920 and are very old; so we’ll refurbish and construct new ones,” he said.

Minister explained that school enrollment stands at 98% and so the need for more classrooms is apparent.

“For instance, 1400 classrooms were built last year. More 1600 classrooms and 1400 latrines will be built this year, 90 classrooms will be built for nursery schools. All depend on an available budget but the Government is aware of the case and dealing with it particularly,” he said.

A total of Rwf 2876 billion has been allocated to the education sector in 2019/20 budget of which Rwf 17 billion will be utilized for renovation and construction of new classrooms.