Government to take possession of unregistered land after three month deadline

On 17 October 2019 at 11:05

Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) has announced that a total of 1.5 million parcels of land across the country will be listed among abandoned properties and registered as state property if owners do not register them within the next three months.

The Government of Rwanda introduced land registration in 2009 to enhance transparency and put an end to land-sharing related disputes. The exercise was completed in 2013 but some parcels remain unregistered.

RLMUA statement released on 15th October 2019 has given a three-month deadline for people with unregistered land.

It is said that some landowners provided incomplete and wrong registration details resulting in rejection by the data entry system.

They were requested to provide evidence proving them right owners but 14% of the land remains unregistered.

RLMUA figures indicate that a total of 11,5 million land documents have been issued based on land identification number known as Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) while the rest remaining 1.5 million parcels are not registered.

The institution also reports 18,000 parcels involved in disputes.

Espérance Mukamana, the Director-General of RLMUA has said that people with unregistered land are given a three-month deadline while those with disputed land have one month to settle the issue or face penalties including registration of the land as Government property.

“We have not yet taken possession of the land but we want all parcels registered to owners. All people coming with evidence proving they are right owners will have the land registered to them. The main intention is to avoid incomplete data,” she said.

RLMUA indicates that 331,110 of registered parcels belong to the Government that those whose owners are not registered will become Government properties very soon.