Governor Gasana advises the youth on good values

On 23 August 2019 at 03:19

The Governor of Southern Province, Emmanuel Gasana has advised the youth from secondary schools against bad habits leading them into wasting time but rather take the lead towards transforming the nation.

He made the advice during talks organized by Panafrican Movement Rwanda (PAM- Rwanda) aimed at enhancing youth’s skills through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to drive African development.

The discussions took place at the headquarters of Southern Province on 21st August 2019 attended by over 700 participants of whom the majority was the youth from TVET schools.

Governor Gasana explained that the world is at a high pace of digital migration requiring everyone to embrace advanced knowledge and skills.

“The world has become a boundary-less. Someone might have taken my picture and sent it to Canada yet I am in Rwanda. To live better tomorrow will require advanced knowledge, skills, expertise, and equipment,” he said.

Gasana told the youth that education is not enough and reminded them to ensure they are able to apply acquired knowledge.

“We don’t have enough time to work slowly. We should be asking ourselves what we know and how are do we fit into implementation skills,” he said.

Governor Gasana urged the youth to strive to take the lead towards achieving the 2063 economic agenda.

The Commissioner for the youth at PAM- Rwanda, Shyaka Michael Nyarwaya said the discussions were meant to mobilize the youth and encourage them to take the lead towards the transformation of their country.

“We wanted to remind the youth that the development of the country should be founded upon us.

We, however, need specific knowledge and skills and expertise among Rwandan youth that can capacitate them to do great things or make cars and satellites, phones. When a Rwandan is able to make a phone, he/she won’t ask a job from the governor but rather will present his product (phone) and request for payments,” he said.

PAM Rwanda’s three years’ agenda encloses activities meant to encourage citizens particularly the youth to develop patriotism spirit for the nation and the continent, promote home grown solutions, promoting integration and security in Africa.