How to clean your phone to help protect against coronavirus

On 19 March 2020 at 11:48

It’s one thing to stop touching your face. It’s another to stop touching the things that touch your face.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep your hands clean and off your face, but it’s hard to maintain constant vigilance.

Keeping your phone sanitized is another smart way to keep germs off your fingertips.
But cleaning your phone thoroughly, I mean is not as straightforward as it might seem.

There are all sorts of nooks and crannies, delicate glass and intricate protective cases.

Any sort of moisture can interfere with your phone’s function. Apple recommends that people avoid using spray cleaners or heavy-duty products.

Also, this probably goes without saying don’t dunk your phone into any sort of liquid, anti-bacterial or otherwise. It won’t end well for either of you.

A gentle wipe with a product that has 70 percent isopropyl alcohol will do just fine.

Apple recommends Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, and the C.D.C. says household disinfectants registered by the Environmental Protection Agency are effective.

Wear disposable gloves to clean, and wash your hands thoroughly after you’re done. Like your phone, reusable gloves might harbor virus particles, rendering them effectively useless.

And don’t forget your phone case.

Wipe it down, in and out, through and through. Let it dry before reassembling

This might be the best thing you can do all day.