Ian Kagame obtains Master’s degree in Economics

On 3 June 2019 at 05:10

The third child of President Paul Kagame, Ian Kagame has completed Master’s degree in economics at Williams College in the United States of America (USA).

He is was among 38 students who received Master’s degree in eEconomics during a the ceremony held yesterday at the headquarters of the College in Massachusetts in which other 511 students were conferred upon Bbachelor’s degrees.

The President of Williams College, Maud S. Mandel said that it was the 230th intake and lauded different guests including friends and relatives of graduates from different corners for attending the ceremony.

The graduates are from 61 countries.

One of the guests Joseph Wilson said that it is of great value to reach the milestone successfully after graduates spent days and nights studying to succeed exams and being away from their homes.

Graduates were asked to use acquired knowledge to transform their communities and play a role in seeking solutions to address existing problems.

Ange Kagame who also obtained Master’s degree last month at the School of International and Public Affairs, SIPA in Columbia has via twitter account congratulated his brother Ian Kagame who was a player of the Williams College in football and Track & Field.

“Two Sport College Athlete (Track & Field Captain & Soccer). To the sibling that makes the rest of us feel like we’re underachieving. Congrats on another milestone-Economics Degree. Sooo proud of you,” she said.