IGIHE presents a reliable platform for auction announcements

On 28 October 2019 at 02:54

The marketing department at IGIHE Ltd has revealed that auction announcements section has evolved into vitality and called upon parties that have items and properties due for auction to grab the opportunity of working with the most popular online media house in the country and second most visited website in the country, after Google.

With this in mind, the potential of IGIHE.com cannot be ignored as the best platform to take such announcements to a wider audience considering Alexa (a platform rating service for evaluating websites) ranking it the second most popular website in Rwanda with over 100,000 views per day following Google.

Over the past ten years, IGIHE has maintained the lead as the most popular online website evidenced by consecutive awards as the Most Popular Website by Rwanda Development Journalism Awards 2017 and 2018, organized by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and partners.

This means communicating your auction announcement via www.igihe.com exposes it to thousands of readers at a competitive cost.

On 28th August 2019, RDB informed parties that intend to carry out auctions to advertise through online media.

The statement signed by the Registrar General at RDB, Richard Kayibanda reads, “In a bid to ease communication of auction announcements and reduce related costs, we hereby call upon guarantee auctioneers to place announcements through accredited online media.”

Today, auction announcements are placed online with bid viewership from Rwanda and abroad.

The marketing department at IGIHE Ltd has revealed that auction announcements section as put visit IGIHE Ltd offices in town at the 4th floor of Ndamage building opposite T- 2000 Hotel or call+250788895953.