ITM organises workshop for managers that want to excel: Why negotiation skills a big plus to individuals and organizations

On 6 August 2019 at 04:42

In leadership, negotiations are key to good coordination, exchange of constructive information for a company or any organization to meet its core goals.

Private and public sector key players have to be well equipped with negotiation skills to be able to effectively connect internally with their staff and externally with the clients, attaining corporate goals with utmost efficiency in the process.

In order to build capacity in professional negotiations, ITM Africa Ltd has organized a workshop where the said skills will be honed.

The one-day training is organized under the theme: “Strategic Negotiation Training – the art of closing deals”, and will take place at the Kigali Convention Centre on 9th August 2019.

It is expected that all participants will receive adequate knowledge and skills engaging in on smooth discussions, building confidence in their person and public speaking, the art of preparing a talk and delivering before the audience.

The training will be led by the expert in leadership and communication skills, Jamie Lee from Forbes. She will mostly speak on how speaking skills can be used as a weapon to resolve conflicts and to set standards.

Sub-themes that will be covered are; planning, creative thinking, confidence building, among others.

This training is the fourth edition organized by ITM Africa. The previous training had as a theme; ‘Becoming a person of influence’. These came after training on Emotional Intelligence (EI) that helps to know and understand leaders’ emotions while taking decisions that are suitable for employees and their companies.

ITM Group is investing in providing the most innovative and high standard business and human resources solutions to ensure market satisfaction in its various branches across the world. ITM Africa Ltd has other branches overseas in South Africa, Angola, Tanzania, Nigeria, DRC, and Germany, therefore, creating a group of ITM companies.

Attendance to the training will require registration on [email protected] or calling the number 0727 903 680. The participation fee is 200$.

The training is organized under the theme: “Strategic Negotiation Training – the art of closing deals”
The managing director of ITM Africa Ltd Rwanda, Iris Irumva Lasry
Dr Jérôme Pierre Bonnifay has been giving training about organizations leadership for about 20 years
A group photo in the training on 'Emotional Intelligence (EI)'
A group photo in the training on ‘Becoming a person of influence’.