Kagame intervenes in female employee assault case

On 11 September 2019 at 05:29

President Paul Kagame has promised to follow up into a case involving a lady identified as Kamali Diane claiming to have been assaulted and abused in public by Dr. Francis Habumugisha, the owner of Goodrich TV.

At the beginning of September 2019, Kamali posted a message on twitter alleging that Habumugisha assaulted her in public, reported to Rwanda Investigation Bureau though her efforts remained futile. The tweet was posted along with a video showing the circumstances of the assault taken by cameras inside the building.

Kamali explained that two months have ended without getting justice and tagged relevant the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame and First Lady.

Her tweet also expressed wonders ‘if magnate people having a closer friendship with officials have rights to assault without facing punishment’.

Replying to the complaining lady via twitter account, President Kagame said: “We shall follow it up and get to know what exactly happened and take necessary action. Surprised if RIB was informed how and did not do what was required.”

At the end of last week, Rwanda’s Prosecution told IGIHE to have received the files of Dr. Habumugisha that an investigation into alleged assault had been launched.

At the time, Rwanda’s Chief Prosecutor, Jean Bosco Mutangana said: “Assaulting a person in public is rights’ abuse and negative vice against our culture.”

“Laws are designed to correct people with such behaviors for victims to trust the judiciary which has to protect the affected person and restore dignity when the offender is held accountable. Accountability is one of the pillars upon which our country is founded,” he added.

Kamali recently told IGIHE that the video posted Twitter was taken on 16th July 2019 as they attended a meeting inside M. Peace Plaza building where Goodrich TV is headquartered.

It is said that a colleague was commenting on the mistakes of the management including Dr. Francis who later became suspicious that Kamali was taking phone video and stood to assault her.

“I was in a meeting with colleagues. He stood, deprived me of my phone, slapped and insulted me thinking I was talking video,” said Kamali.

Kamali said her case is being investigated that she wants justice rendered to her.

Dr. Habumugisha was arrested Thursday last week while his files were transferred to the prosecution the following day.