Kagame’s ingenuity is the secret behind RPA success—Kabarebe

On 5 June 2019 at 11:04

The Senior Defence and Security Advisor in the Office of the President, Gen. James Kabarebe has said that the beginning of the liberation war was hazardous to Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) currently Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) soldiers with the loss of top military commanders that winning the battle seemed to be a nightmare.

While speaking to over 1000 university youth in Musanze district during talks organized by Unit Club Intwararumuri, Gen Kabarebe said despite obstacles encountered they regained strength and hope for triumph emanating from values their commander President Paul Kagame instilled in them.

Unity Club, is an organization made up of former and current cabinet members and their spouses created with the aim of promoting unity while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country that following the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The liberation war began on 1st October 1990 launched by RPF-Inkotanyi. After the second day of the liberation war, the force lost the top commander Maj Gen Fred Rwigema and close subordinates including Bayingana.

“This disturbed us and made us feel how the battle was complicated than expected,” he said.

Gen. Kabarebe revealed that the key to success following such loss was values instilled by President Kagame and his expertise commanding the war.

He explained that Kagame re-organized the battle from scratch because soldiers seemed to be on the brink of defeat over inadequate skills to combat and organizing a war.

“We were armed soldiers when we raided Rwanda. We would find Habyarimana soldiers playing cards in Kagitumba. They would flee as we shot them and conquer the area but without determined goal and values for the battle,” he said.

Gen Kabarebe stressed that their efforts would remain futile hadn’t they had President Kagame who came in with new tactics , reorganizing the battle and setting up defined goals.

He said President Kagame withdrew the force from Mutara where they were prone to gun and helicopters’ shots to Virunga National Parks where he set a redefined vision to fight for unity, human rights and Rwandans development among others.

“He taught us war techniques, does and don’ts, high level discipline and values,” he told the youth.

The latter enabled RPA military to understand that values and building mindsets opposed to adversaries is paramount.

“He urged us to be disciplined, love the nation and fight for it, sacrificing for the nation. Dedication and using few resources to achieve more. Every soldier was equipped with values and understanding the rationale for the battle. Such values gave us more strength than equipment we had because RPA had few resources,” said Gen Kabarebe.

He called on the youth to be characterized by such moral values, patriotism and sacrifice for it where necessary and draw from it a lesson to become confident.

One of members of Unit Club, Stella Ford Mugabo requested the youth to root on these values and preserve the country’s achievements.

The youth also pledged to utilize their efforts creating own solutions and building the nation.

Gen Kabarebe called on the youth to be characterized by moral values, patriotism and sacrifice
The youth has time to ask questions to the Gen Kabarebe
Different Authorities were present in the event