Kagame urges Rubavu, Rutsiro residents to explore and exploit DRC market opportunities

On 10 May 2019 at 07:36

President Paul Kagame has urged residents of Rubavu and Rutsiro districts to consider the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a market that needs to be tapped into.

He also urged them to improve their operations promising them government support where necessary.

Kagame made the request today as he met residents of Rubavu and Rutsiro districts, Western Province that convened at the football playground in Nyundo sector on the third day of the citizen outreach program.

He was last in Rubavu during presidential campaigns in 2017. President Kagame told residents that they did what he wanted that they deserve what they want in return.

“You wanted security and development. We must provide them, by all means, rooting on collaboration with citizens and all leaders understanding that it is their duty to serve citizens,” he said.

President Kagame explained that both Rwanda and DRC can work together to make good use of available opportunities to further progress as long as they enjoy good relations.

“Starting with opportunities of having neighbors, there is Goma town; there are other parts of that country and many people. When there is a presence of a large number of people, it is a market, you are also a market,” he addressed the crowd that welcomed him.

“If there is cooperation, interchange of what is not available on one side and free movements of people, they gain improved benefits. But no one goes to neighbors without fixing own issues. That means it is our market in Rubavu and other neighboring areas after working and finding a market inside. In that case, we have the foundation to work with others,” added Kagame.

He explained that the government intervenes through ensuring security, good relationships between countries and easing free movement.

Kagame highlighted that such area remains a priority and is the reason why Rwanda exempted visa for Africans to facilitate people coming to Rwanda.

He reminded leaders to solve existing problems. He pointed out on the issue of roads needed to be constructed, health centers and the problem of the telephone network in some areas of Rubavu.

Kagame said he is going to follow up the network problem to be fixed.

He told residents that the Government shall keep making security a priority because it is the enabler of other development activities.

“Whoever wants to destabilize our security must think twice before,” he said.

The mayor of Rubavu district, Gilbert Habyarimana said president Kagame’s visit was a blessing to Rubavu residents, explaining that the district is committed to becoming a hub for trade and tourism by 2024 highlighting that “Medical services have expanded with health centers in all sectors. The district has hotels and other facilities that can accommodate 3000 guests in one night while private investments continue to grow among others.”

The Minister of Local Government (MINALOC), Prof Shyaka Anastase said Rubavu residents love President Kagame because he fulfills his promises that development activities continue to expand.

He explained that the budget allocated for development projects in Rubavu district has doubled to Rwf 9.5 billion up from Rwf 4 billion of the previous four years.

President Kagame urged Rubavu, Rutsiro residents to explore and exploit DRC market opportunities