Kamonyi: Vehicle, motorcycle intercepted illegally transporting meat

On 3 October 2019 at 10:55

A vehicle and a motorcycle have been intercepted transporting varied types of meat, illegally.

The Pick-up vehicle, RAB 384Y was intercepted on Monday in Runda Sector, Kamonyi district with three sacks of poultry meat while the motorcycle registration number RE 581E was intercepted in Sheri cell, Rugarika sector transporting 75kgs of pork.

The driver and rider identified as Albert Nzabagerageza, 46, and Theoneste Uwamahoro, 26, respectively, were taken into custody.

The Ministerial Order n°013/11.30 of 18/11/2010 on transport and trade of meat, particularly article 2 stipulates that “…the transport of fresh chilled or frozen meat for food purpose shall be carried in such a manner to not be seen from outside. The meat shall be properly covered and protected against the sun, rain mud, dust, and flies.”

Article 3 of the same order states that the motor-vehicle transportation of fresh, chilled or frozen, non-packed meat shall use closed vans, separate from the driver, internally covered with galvanized brass or any other stainless material.

The acting District Police Commander for Kamonyi, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Gaspard Ndayisaba said that the motorcyclist was at the time transporting pork to someone at Giti cy’Inyoni from Gacurabwenge Sector.

The vehicle was also transporting poultry to Kigali from Musambira Sector, he added.

“A concerned resident called the Police at about 9:30am about a motorcycle, which was transporting untested pork, as a prerequisite. Indeed, when it was tested by veterinary personnel they found it had gone bad and not for human consumption. The poultry meat had also gone bad,” CIP Ndayisaba said. The vet ordered for immediate burial of the pork and chicken meat.

While thanking those who informed the Police about the “illegal and harmful acts”, the DPC advised the general public against “unhealthy and unlawful transportation of meat” and called for real time information sharing on anyone, who breaks such health standards.