Kigali Marriott serves guests with sizzling Brazilian buffet

On 2 March 2018 at 03:46

Brazilian cuisine admirers in Kigali tasted their favourites on Wednesday as Kigali Marriott Hotel offered the sizzling Brazilian buffet.

Participants at the Mardi Gras Party were hosted in Marriott’s Soko Restaurant that is usually renowned for serving delectable cuisines like Belgian, Indian, Turkish, African and more.

Mardi Gras is the most popular carnival celebrated in Brazil and other Latin America countries.

From 6pm to 11pm, guests enjoyed dishes commonly known in Brazil and cocktails that are mainly served in Caribbean countries. Congenially hot Latin entertainment spiced up the banquets as Marriott staff interacted with the visitors, wishing one another to enjoy the Brazilian delicacies.

Kigali Marriott’s Restaurant Lounge Manager, Kunal Amit, told IGIHE that Marriott is ever striving to serve the best and diverse cuisines to provide guests with a range of choices to break routine foods and keep the appetites high.

“This country is going to boom. So far I have seen many tourists coming in; so if you give them only the African food, they will definitely get enough of it and miss their favourite food from other parts of the world. The African and Brazilian food mixed together makes something new and this is something people like,” he said.

Amit went on saying “This is a kind of union – unity and diversity. You can get fed up with having the same food or same buffet. Sometimes you need to celebrate something so people get excited to come here to see something different. That’s why we are celebrating tonight.”

He said Brazilian food is like a mixture of African and European cuisines, meaning that it has some taste of African and European cuisines.

Kigali Marriott’s Executive Sous Chef Awanish Joshi said Mardi Gras Party showcased Brazilian barbecue, a good meat selection and other popular dishes that are served in Brazil.