King Faisal hospital launches minimally invasive shoulder surgery

On 3 June 2019 at 11:52

King Faisal hospital has become the first Rwandan hospital to operate shoulder injuries using minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Minimally invasive surgery is a medical operation which is done on patients.

It is done without opening the body, but with the use of a camera which projects the suffering part and the operation is done through a small hole on the affected area.

Hence the patient gets little pain, few complications and a shorter hospital stay and fewer complications.

Dr. Bukara Emmanuel, an orthopedic surgeon at King Faisal Hospital lauded the new addition to the medical services the hospital offers, noting that it was rarely performed in East Africa. Currently few surgeries of the same nature are being done in Nairobi.

With the help of a team led by Dr. Nyiko Chauke from South Africa, last week, ensured 13 minimally invasive shoulder surgeries at King Faisal Hospital.

These surgeries are performed on soft injuries like frozen shoulder, capsulitis, rotator cuff tears, labral tears and acromial clavicular joint arthritis.

“We no longer have to open the body, you only look into it with a camera, make a small pinhole and start operating. It can be done in orthopedics surgery, general surgery, gynecology, and even neurosurgery”, Dr. Bukara said.

He further said that in King Faisal Hospital, previously orthopedic surgeons used to conduct surgeries with minimally invasive technique on knee injuries only.

“With minimally invasive surgery, you go straight to what you need to do, and reduce a massive work with an eye of a camera”, he added

Dr. Nyiko Chauke says minimally invasive surgery has other advantages like minimal tissue damage and minimal scars.

Shema Michel, a patient whose shoulder was operated last week, told IGIHE that he didn’t experience as much pain as he had been expecting.

Shema, who had been suffering a frozen shoulder for a year, said he is sure he will be discharged from hospital soon.

“The surgery was done yesterday but now I feel well. There are some directions in which my right arm was not able to move but it is possible now. There is also no much pain as it was before”, he said

In Rwanda; minimally invasive shoulder surgery is now available in King Faisal Hospital only.

This will help those used to travel abroad to look for such service or those who would stay home for failing to afford to go abroad.

Dr. Nyiko Chauke says minimally invasive surgery benefits are minimal tissue damage and minimal scars
Shema Michel said that he didn’t experience as much pain as he had been expecting