Kora Coaching to hold ‘Coaching 4 a Cause’ international tele-conference for top level executives

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 8 April 2020 at 05:50

Kora Coaching Group, a Kigali-based Professional Training & Coaching firm has organized a tele-training that will attract Elite Coaches from all four corners of the world to spur Hope and Positivity through an initiative called ‘Coaching 4 a Cause’.

The event which will take place on Good Friday, 10th, April 2020, will see different individuals and leaders of organizations connecting via a tele-conferencing facility to share strategies on how to adapt to the changes that the world is facing today.

The event will bring together speakers from around the globe in the Business Coaching and Faith-Based sectors.

The initiative to launch during a Global Coaching Conference Call will give people and businesses around the globe an opportunity to learn, evaluate, innovate and grow stronger!

“As much as the global economy is in need of financial aid; our mental health, mindset, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are in great need of an uplift. For this reason, Elite Coaches from all 4 corners of the world have come together to spur Hope and positivity through an initiative called ‘Coaching 4 a Cause’.”

The KORA Coaches are often sought as Conference Speakers or Consultants for organization of key workshops and flagship events.

The Kora Coaching Group is composed of business professionals and Entrepreneurs with a combined expertise in excess of 30 years. They have a track record in global business activities ranging from Coaching, Consulting, Advisory, to Business Development in Financial Services, Conferences and Event Management.

To be part of this experience, participants will register using the Kora coaching website: