La Forge, Abega reveal how Uganda facilitated RNC- FDLR meet

On 17 March 2020 at 08:45

Two former top leaders in FDLR, Nsekanabo Jean Pierre aka Lt.Col Théophile Abega Kamara and Nkaka Ignace aka La Forge Fils Bazeye, were sent to Uganda in October 2018 by their rebel commanders to discuss ways of merging working methods of two anti-Rwanda rebel organizations.

They were however intercepted at Bunagana border post by the DRC soldiers on 15th October 2018 as they returned from the meeting in Kampala that had been organized by a Ugandan minister in charge of regional cooperation, Philemon Mateke, delegated by president Museveni, also attended by leaders of RNC of Kayumba Nyamwasa.

La Forge and Abega confirmed what transpired in the media that Mateke was the coordinator in the plan to merge working methods of RNC and FDLR, the outfit made of militia responsible for the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

In the meeting, Mateke represented Ugandan interests, Nkaka and Nsekanabo those of FDLR while Frank Ntwari and Rashid Bari those of RNC. Ntwari is the brother in law of Kayumba Nyamwasa and commissioner for youth in RNC.

Bazeye, 54 years of age, said that he and Abega were at first told they had a journey to Kampala by Major General Omega aka Pacifique Ntawunguka, who usually briefed them; He was at the time deputy chief of FDLR.

He said: “Omega summoned both of us and told us we were going to Kampala. You are going to meet the leaders of RNC; lend your ears to what they want to say and you will agree to what they will say.”

Abega, 47, added that in the morning of the following day, 14 October 2018, having arrived at Kisoro they used false travel documents as DRC citizens.

At Kisoro they were received by one Tito Gisesa. In FDLR he is known as Lt Col Nkuriyingoma and works on the Ugandan desk and is on the payroll of Mateke as confirmed by Bazeye.
Having received them, Gisesa immediately led them to Hotel Umubano in Kisoro town. What everyone knows in that area is that that Hotel belongs to Mateke.
Abega said: “we rested in that Hotel until nightfall and boarded a bus to Kampala.”

Abega, Bazeye, and Gisesa arrived in Kampala in the morning. They immediately headed for Gisesa’s home at Nakulabye, rested and had lunch.

In the evening, Mateke picked them and they were taken to the meeting.

The majority of people question how a minister in Uganda government uses his official vehicle to transport people belonging to a rebel organization that has vowed to disrupt security in another country. They wonder how far Ugandan leaders want to go working with terrorist organizations that want to disrupt Rwanda.

Bazeye said that upon entering Mateke vehicle, he immediately asked him and Abega: “ FDLR, are you ready to work with Abatutsi?” the answer was “yes”.
Mateke immediately said: “It is good, I have a message for you from Museveni.”

Analysts say the aim of merging FDLR and RNC based on mutual understanding, was very much supported by the Uganda government to hoodwink the masses that the war against Rwanda government was for all Rwandans not based on ethnicity.

Bazeye and Abega said they promised those present that FDLR was ready to work with RNC in every way. To them whatever would render them oust the government of Rwanda was welcome. Mateke is said to have immediately smiled with tremendous pleasure because of that point. The two leaders of FDLR thanked Uganda Government that took the decision to let them meet RNC. They agree Mateke promised them he would relay their message to President Museveni.

Mateke said: “This is the first meeting, better things lie ahead in this collaboration.”
Abega revealed that when the meeting was drawing to a close, Mateke told them that the next meeting was to let them meet Kayumba himself.
Frank Ntwari and Rashid on behalf of RNC were happy with how the meeting was conducted.

Bazeye and Abega said that after the meeting in Serena, that took few hours, Mateke gave them transport money and they thanked him. They then went to the place where they would board a bus to Kisoro that evening. When they reached the border that is when they got arrested by DRC soldiers.

Lt.Col Théophile Abega Kamara and La Forge Fils Bazeye were sent to Uganda in 2018 to discuss ways of merging working methods of two anti-Rwanda rebel organizations.