Lawyers condole with late Mutunzi family

On 25 avril 2018 at 07:00

Rwanda Bar Association has expressed condolences to the bereaved family of late Donat Mutunzi who was found dead in Ndera Police Station of Gasabo District on Monday, 23rd April 2018.

A Kigali lawyer, Donat Mutunzi went missing on April 13th 2018 and later put into police custody on 19th where he was found dead Monday morning in Ndera Police Station of Gasabo District.

According to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau Spokesperson Modeste Mbabazi, Mutunzi was arrested last week allegedly for indecent assault with violence but committed suicide while in police custody.

Conveying their condolences, Rwanda Bar Association pledged support and assistance to the family and friends of late Mutunzi in these difficult times.

"After getting the devastating news of the death of our peer, the Rwandan Bar Association would like to condole and comfort family and friends in these difficult times”, reads a statement signed by the head of the association, Me Julien Kavaruganda.

The Rwanda National Police Spokesperson, CP Theos Badege, told IGIHE that Me Mutunzi was visited by his wife while in custody.

However, Valentine Ugirimpuhwe said she didn’t know of his late husband’s whereabouts from his disappearance to the time police informed her of his death in a phone call.

Badege said that around 4am on Monday, the time custody warders usually let detainees out for their personal hygiene, Me Mutunzi was found hanging in his cell.
CP Badege added that two bottles of Skol beer were also found in late Me Mutunzi’s cell, leading to the fact that he had spent the night drinking. He had smashed one of the bottles to shred the bedsheet into a rope he used for suicide.

Meanwhile, Rwanda National Police says will establish how the two alcohol bottles, which are prohibited were sneaked into his cell.

Mutunzi’s family says that he went missing on April 13th and had last been seen taking his children to school.

He served as an advocate for Dr Léon Mugesera who was extradited from Canada over genocide crimes. Mugesera was convicted and is serving life in Prison.

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Late Attorney Donat Mutunzi