Local leaders must either deliver or quit- Kagame

On 9 May 2019 at 10:30

President Paul Kagame has requested leaders to accomplish their duties noting that there should be no persistent problems yet there is the capacity to address them.

He has made the observation today as he interacted with residents of Burera district, Northern Province.

The Mayor of Burera district, Florence Uwambajemariya has said that the district has made a considerable step towards the improvement of citizens’ livelihoods and health and other development activities.

She, however, raised some concerns including overcrowding in schools, inadequate workers at health centers and hospitals and the problem of drug abuse and smuggling.

“Citizens wish to get a district hospital because the existing hospital will belong to the university. Citizens wish empowerment of our health posts and upgraded to health centers if possible,” said Uwambajemariya.

“They want a durable solution for ravages caused by water flowing from volcanoes, the introduction of radio network towers where they are not, and ambulances at some health centers,” she added.

President Kagame said that Rwandans know their history upon which they build progress with a view to inclusively and positively change everyone’s life.

“There are still a lot of things within our means that are not done properly. They are repeated over time but never change in accordance with our abilities. That issue must be addressed by all means,” he said.

President Kagame highlighted that Rwandans have no problem because they do the right thing given good leadership. He noted that weak leaders lead to the failure of anticipated results.

“I will find time to deal with those leaders who don’t accomplish what they must deliver to these citizens. I will not dodge around; it will start from top to grass root levels of leadership,” he said.

Kagame explained that there are some rampant problems that should have been addressed before.

“The problem of seeds, whenever I come to Musanze, Burera, they always raise the issue of seeds, Irish potatoes seeds among other crops. It should not be a problem to be repeatedly talked about every day,” he said.

Commenting on the health sector, President Kagame said “There was capacity building. Within examples pointed out across the world with tangible evidence, Rwanda comes among the good examples. But you find some things don’t reach citizens or they are not aware of what is available or don’t access them that they chose to seek services beyond borders. The country has the necessary abilities to offer these services.”

“Taking examples of children crossing borders to get medical circumcision services that started in Rwanda, it is not clear that people cross the border to get things they should access here. It must stop. I don’t have a problem with you (citizens), I have it with leaders. They are going to accomplish their duties or leave and do what they want elsewhere,” added Kagame.

The Minister of Local Government, Prof Shyaka Anastase said that Rwf 5 billion was allocated to fund development activities in Burera district and that the pace of development activities in the district rates between 8-10%.