Minister Sezibera advises tourists to ignore false travel advisories against Rwanda

On 27 April 2019 at 12:30

Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard Sezibera has called on people to ignore alarmists issuing travel advisories against Rwanda through online publications.

The call follows few days after countries including France and Canada reminding their citizens to be watchful when visiting Rwanda and warning them against visits to some parts of the country like Nyungwe National Park and some areas in the neighborhood borders for their security.

For instance, France wrote last week on the website of Foreign Affairs Ministry that it is not good to visit Virunga National Park due to problems that might arise. The Government of Rwanda, however, reacted against those countries issuing warnings that Rwanda is safe.

“Friendly advice...ignore alarmist reporting from online publications from a neighboring country on travel advisories. They are incorrect. Example, Canada made no significant change to her advisory for several weeks…. Same risk level as France and the UK,” Dr Sezibera said in a tweet.

His advice follows other messages of Rwandans including the Governor of Eastern Province Fred Mufuluke who reacted on such warnings saying: “As I write, I am about heading for the park with friends from Singapore. Such threatening information is confusing but it can create ambiguity to those who are already confused.”

Talking to IGIHE recently, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Olivier Nduhungirehe also talked against falsified publications.

“It is not true. What they write is far from the reality in Rwanda. You know that security is guaranteed in Virunga and Nyungwe National Parks. What they say is wrong. We shall engage in discussions with them aimed at changing the perceptions,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Emmanuel Hategeka told IGIHE that what France did is dragging it in the context of neighboring countries yet Rwanda’s security is assured.

“There is no problem in Virunga National Park. The problem arose on the side of Congo where insecurity is persistent. The other thing considered is what happened in Uganda where tourists were kidnapped which is not the same on our side,” he said.

“They contextualize the situation and generalize it to the region but we have no problems on our side. Tourists travel safely. The security of tourists visiting all parks is guaranteed,” added Hategeka.