Never Again Rwanda receives Roger Kaufman Award

On 10 October 2019 at 09:38

On 8th October 2019 in Washington DC, USA, Never Again Rwanda was officially extended the Roger Kaufman Award by the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Never Again Rwanda (NAR) was recognized for her outstanding social impact in peacebuilding, governance and democracy, research and advocacy and youth engagement, contributing to the unity and reconciliation process, working towards trauma healing, expanding peacebuilding interventions in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region, deliberately engaging the young people and enhancing participatory governance.

Speaking at the event, Roger Kaufman congratulated the awardees adding that “We all ought to add value to the society in all that we do, if we do not, we end up subtracting value instead.”

Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza Ryarasa, the Executive Director at Never Again Rwanda who represented NAR ‘s team to witness one of the biggest highlights of the organization’s journey, commended the efforts of the government of Rwanda and all stakeholders for their tireless efforts in empowering citizens to become active citizens.

“This is a historic moment for the organization, the partners, the staff and most importantly the beneficiaries, who have allowed us to work with them, to achieve the social impact, that we have been awarded for today.” Said Dr. Joseph.

“We also commend the Government of Rwanda for supporting us in various ways. We also recognize our fellow peace actors, with whom with a jointly working to build peace and ensure healing and reconciliation.” He added.

Made up by an autonomous committee with members from Mexico, USA, Middle East, Argentina, Europe, and Africa, three categories were awarded, Never Again Rwanda as a Civil Society Organization, Arizona Sonora Mega Region as a social startups ecosystem and the prosperity paradox book.

Never Again Rwanda hopes to continue working with varied partners to ensure intergenerational dialogue happens, integrate livelihood into the process of healing, continue building a network of global peace ambassadors, continue equipping youth with the skills to think critically and gain necessarily leadership skills, work tirelessly for the growth of their country and support the country’s agenda of “Never Again” by championing for unity, and reconciliation for sustainable peace.

This award is a result of the collaborative efforts and tireless support of the Government of Rwanda, NAR staff and friends, our esteemed beneficiaries as well as the entire Rwandan community.

About the Award

The Roger Kaufman Award for Societal Impact is an honorary award that was created by the International Society for Performance Improvement in 2014. The award is meant to honor and recognize the continuous achievement of measurable positive societal impact by an individual or organization. More about the award and the organization can be found on their website

Never Again Rwanda (NAR) was recognized for her outstanding social impact in peacebuilding, governance and democracy