One arrested over forging inspection certificates

On 3 June 2019 at 09:02

A driver identified as Fidele Bimenyimana in Musanze District has been arrested on account of forgery of road traffic related documents.

Bimenyimana who was arrested on Saturday is said to have been forging motor-vehicle inspection certificates, which he has been selling to other drivers or vehicle owners.

According to Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Alexis Rugigana, the Police spokesperson for the Northern region, Bimenyimana has been arrested in the past over similar crimes.

"At the moment we have identified three vehicles with forged inspection certificates issued by Bimenyimana. In February, he issued a forged certificate for the vehicle RAB 249P and another to RAA 634I driven by one Theogene Nsanzimana, last month," CIP Rugigana said.

After his arrest Police also found that the vehicle Bimenyimana was driving had an expired mechanical certificate, which was also forged because it does not appear in the system.

The motor-vehicle inspection system stores data for all automobiles inspected.

“Some people became suspicious that Bimenyimana could be involved in criminal activities and forging mechanical certificates; he had issued some of them and was promising many other drivers to get them the certificates, so they decided to report him to Police," CIP Rugigana said.

He thanked those, who inform the police on such criminal acts and urged the general public to give no room for such wrongdoers.

Mechanical certificate can only be obtained from the MIC in Remera, Gasabo District or where the mobile inspection lane is stationed.

"The arrest of Bimenyimana is part of the Rwanda National Police ongoing crackdown on people involved in forging or unlawfully issuing traffic related documents," CIP Rugigana said.

The arrest comes barely one day after Police in Kigali apprehended three people masquerading as Police officers and defrauding people of their money promising to give them driver’s license.

They had already conned about five people of over Rwf1 million.

RNP advises the public that it has no brokers and calls for sharing information on anyone alleging to be working on its behalf.