Our problems with Uganda do not require military power –Minister Sezibera

On 2 May 2019 at 09:45

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Richard Sezibera has said that problems between Rwanda, Uganda relations need to get a solution through discussions and noted that Rwanda informed Uganda where the problem is, though the latter put no efforts to solve them.

He revealed this in a press conference held on Tuesday.

“Firstly, the support of Uganda to rebel groups whose leaders including Sankara Callixte and FDLR have been arrested, won’t take them farther because Rwanda has the potential to deal with those problems internally. It doesn’t need military operations,” he said.

“Secondly, Rwandans were arrested and they are increasingly arrested and killed or deported by Uganda. This is a problem we discussed with Uganda and we hope it may fix it. For us, the answer is informing Rwandans their lives are on risk if they go there (Uganda),” added Dr. Sezibera.

Recently in March 2019, the Government of Rwanda officially advised citizens not to travel to Uganda for their security following testimonies of over 800 Rwandans tortured and deported from Uganda.

Some of the deportees testified that they were forced to join the rebel group of Kayumba Nyamwasa which pins Uganda to be supporting rebel groups against Rwanda.

It has been two years since Rwanda, Uganda relations worsened. Rwanda expressed concerns over Rwandans who travel to Uganda for business purposes but are abducted, imprisoned and tortured accused of being Rwanda’s spies.

Uganda media recently announced that Rwanda has increased soldiers on the border which Rwanda said is not true.