Over 2200 pellets of cannabis seized from drug dealers

On 26 October 2019 at 01:09

Over 2200 pellets of cannabis were seized from two suspected drug dealers in separate Police operations conducted Thursday in Gasabo and Kicukiro districts.

The operations were conducted by the Rwanda National Police (RNP) Anti-Narcotics Unit (ANU).

One of the suspects identified as Jean Claude Bigirimana was arrested in Kigarama Sector, Kicukiro district with 801 pellets of cannabis.

According to Central region Police Spokesperson, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie-Gorette Umutesi, Bigirimana was arrested basing on information provided by area residents.

“The suspect had rented a house in Kigarama, which he was using as a narcotics store before selling to other retailers operating in Kicukiro and other parts of Kigali," CIP Umutesi said.

Other 1,432 pellets of cannabis were being stored in a house in Gisozi Sector of Gasabo District, which was also rented by another suspected drug dealer.

The narcotics were concealed in a bag.

"The suspect, who is still at large, rented a house in Gisozi, slept in one night but never returned," CIP Umutesi said.

"On Wednesday, one Vedaste Hakiziyaremye showed up saying that he had been sent by the person who had rented the house, to collect his belongings claiming that he had been arrested, but the landlord refused and told him to instead come with the owner or proof," she added.

Instead, Hakiziyaremye came back later in the night, broke into the house in an attempt to steal the bag, which was in the house.

"He was apprehended by local residents as he attempted to flee with the bag, they searched it and found it contained pellets of cannabis, but he managed to escape from the residents."

"The identities of the two suspects still at large are known and law enforcement officers are working together to trace and bring them to justice."

CIP Umutesi commended the role of the public in identifying and reporting drug dealers.

"If everyone owns this fight in their communities, drug dealers will find no place to operate," she said, calling for continued information sharing to break chains of supply.