Over 8000 homes connected to electricity in Rubavu district

On 25 June 2019 at 08:12

The management of Rubavu district has said that a total of 8196 households have been connected to electricity during 2018/2019 representing 60% of its residents with power.

The district targets connecting all households by 2024 aligning with national strategic objectives.

The statistics have been revealed during the launch of electricity transmission line alimenting rural sectors namely Cyanzarwe, Nyamyumba, Bugeshi, Kanama and Nyakiriba.

The district had pledged to connect 7120 households with on grid-electricity but the number was outperformed to 7174. A total of 1020 homes were connected to off-grid electricity from the expected 1000.

Steven Igooma, the Manager of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) branch in Rubavu District explained that all households will have been connected to electricity before 2024.

“We targeted to connect 7120 homes with electricity and 1000 with off-grid energy in Rubavu district but the target was respectively superseded to 7174 and 1022. We will have connected the rest before 2014,” he said.

The mayor of Rubavu district, Gilbert Habyarimana explained that they will connect specific homes every year, an exercise to be conducted easily given that residents are in settled villages.

Residents were delighted with the development. Edouard Bizimana, one of residents whose house was connected with electricity in Cyanzarwe sector said it reduced theft overnight and enabled children to revise studies uninterruptedly.

“We would walk 10 km to charge our cell phones in Mahoko center; children revise studies accordingly and watch television. They have up to date on national progress,” he said.

Since he was connected to electricity, Enock Nsengiyumva turned into a barber barbing and started yielding from his business.

“We used to walk three hours to get our hair cut. With electricity, I started a barbershop which earns me income,” he said.