Parliament of Rwanda official accused of raping Burundian refugee

On 30 November 2019 at 10:34

Evode Mushingwamana who works in the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee has been charged of raping a 19-year-old Burundian refugee.

The outgoing Prosecutor General, Mutangana Jean Bosco confirmed on Twitter that Evode is currently being prosecuted for the crime.

He wrote in reply to Juliette Karitanyi, a Twitter user who addressed her concern of Mushingwamana still exercising his functions in the parliament while it was clear he is a suspect.

The Prosecutor General replied saying “Dear Juliette, first and foremost, I extend my apologies for not having come out on time to inform the status at which this matter is handled despite continued outcry. I hereby inform that the suspect has been arraigned and prosecuted in a court of law.”

In her tweet to Mutangana, Karitanyi also mentioned The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame saying that despite Mushingwamana being prosecuted for the rape crime, he was still working at the parliament and that it was unacceptable.

“Dear Mr. President, it has been a while now since a man called Evode Mushingwamana here copied still works for the parliament yet he is accused of raping, attempting murder, forcing abortion and trafficking a Burundian refugee. The case is in courts.”

This issue was in the origin brought forward by Remy Baho, another Twitter user who condemned the inaction of the parliament about this matter and asked why Mushingwamana was still working at the parliament.

“Mushingwamana Evode kidnapped raped, beat and attempted to murder a 19-year-old refugee but he was only prosecuted for only the rape crime. He hasn’t yet been suspended from his functions at the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee despite DNA results showing that the child born from that rape is his. How is it possible that nothing is being done and that this man continues to work at the parliament after these inhuman actions? This is unacceptable!”

Mutangana promised that courts would peruse this case considerately and give due justice to the 19-year-old girl. The court’s verdict on this case will be announced on December 23rd, 2019.