Parliament suspends staff accused of rape

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 3 December 2019 at 11:58

The Rwandan parliament has suspended its staff who worked under the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee, Mushingwamana Evode over accusations of raping a Burundian refugee girl.

In a communication through their Twitter account, the parliament noted that Mushingwamana was suspended, but they did not mention how long.
The Tweet reads; “According to administrative procedures, Mr. Evode Mushingwamana has been suspended.”

A few days ago, a concerned citizen Juliette Karitanyi tweeted that Mushingwamana was still serving in the parliament despite his being a suspect in a rape case.

She tagged President Paul Kagame and the former Prosecutor General, Mutangana Jean Bosco.

In the tweet, Karitanyi said, “Your Excellency President Paul Kagame, a man named Mushingwamana Evode remains in the parliament despite the crimes of rape, attempted murder, forced abortion, and selling a Burundian migrant. This case is court.”

At first this issue was brought up by a one Remy Baho who insisted on Mushingwamana’s culpability.

He said, “Mushingwamana Evode kidnapped, raped, assaulted, and tried to murder a 19 years-old Burundian refugee, but was only accused of rape. He has not yet been dismissed from his Public Accounts position in the parliament, yet a DNA test proved the child born from that rape is his. How can you allow a man with such animosity to stay free in the parliament? It is detestable.”