Police destroys over 1,000 liters of illicit brew

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 13 April 2020 at 06:34

Rwanda National Police, working with other security agencies and local authorities in Burera district over the weekend carried out an operation during which they impounded and destroyed 1,028 liters of kanyanga, an illicit local gin, 44 bottles of Chase vodka, 201 bottles of Leaving Gin and 77 bottles of Romis Wine, all worth Rwf 4,273,200.

Northern Province Police Spokesperson, CIP Alexis Rugigana said the drugs were seized and destroyed from illegal vendors in Bungwe, Kivuye, Rusarabuye, Gatebe, Ruhende and Rwerere sectors of Burera district, working on information provided by the community and local authorities.

“These contraband are smuggled in from Uganda, brought by Rwandan youth known as abarembetsi at night through the above-mentioned sectors.”

CIP Rugigana said that as a result of mobilization by Rwanda National Police, the community and local authorities played a key role in causing the drugs to be seized.

“Village and cell leaders and the community are the ones who helped us to seize the drugs. They are aware of the methods smugglers use to sneak them into the country and the hours they bring them. We worked on such information to mount an operation through which we seized them,” he said.

He said that the smugglers are still at large.

Dr. Eugenie Uwimana, a psychiatrist at Butaro Hospital where the drugs were destroyed, has explained that drugs have far-reaching negative effects on the health of the users, the economy and dent development in general.

"A person who uses drugs cripples his/her brain capacities, fails in making proper judgment and prone to committing crime without thinking about it, causing physical distress and death," he warned.

All four types of drugs were valued at Rwandan francs.