President Kagame swears in Supreme Court, Court of Appeal Judges

On 6 December 2019 at 02:55

President Paul Kagame has today presided over the swearing-in ceremony of newly appointed Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judges in a function that took place at the parliament

Among the officials who were sworn in are Dr. Ntezilyayo Faustin who was appointed Chief Justice, Mukamulisa M. Therese who was appointed Deputy Chief Justice, Havugiyaremye Aimable, the Prosecutor General, Habyarimana Angelique, Deputy Prosecutor General and Nkurunziza Valens, Vice President of the Commercial High Court.

President Kagame congratulated the former president and vice president of the Supreme Court, Prof. Sam Rugege and Zainabu Kayitesi over their achievements and the way they executed the functions they were assigned.

He told the newly appointed judges that they have a strong foundation to keep building on to promote the judicial system in Rwanda and that he trusts them to fulfill their responsibilities.

“Compliance with the laws of the country should be a virtue we observe in our daily lives and we should not do it because it is mandatory but because it is our responsibility.”

President Kagame says that having laws that protect citizens is good but that their implementation is more important.

He reminded them that justice is based on the trust citizens have for judges and that they must demonstrate transparency, critical thinking, and trustworthiness in all their duties.

He urged officials in the judicial system to abide by the judicial code of conduct so that impartial justice can be served to all Rwandans.

“Trust is built, fought for, and preserved. You have been entrusted with bigger responsibilities that many other Rwandan citizens and your behavior should always be exemplary. There have been rumors of corruption in the judicial system and we need to fight against it so that it won’t stain our reputation and the vision of our country.”

He emphasized that whoever gets involved in corruption cases should be prosecuted, tried in courts and severely penalized.

Dr. Ntezilyayo Faustin was appointed Chief Justice
Mukamulisa M. Therese was appointed Deputy Chief Justice,
Havugiyaremye Aimable is the new Prosecutor General,
Habyarimana Angelique in the ne Deputy Prosecutor General
Nkurunziza Valens is the Vice President of the Commercial High Court.