Professionalism, discipline are key in sustainable security- Minister Nyamvumba

On 18 December 2019 at 03:43

The Minister of Internal Security, Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba has emphasized the need for police officers to uphold discipline and professionalism as a prerequisite to sustainable safety, security and development.

Gen. Nyamvumba made the remarks on Tuesday while addressing the ‘Police High Council’ at the Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters in Kacyiru.

The High Council was also attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza and Deputy IGPs; Juvenal Marizamunda of Administration and Personnel, and Felix Namuhoranye of Operations.

The Police High Council is the supreme organ of RNP that brings together its leadership, commissioners, regional and district commanders, seniors and junior officers as well as representatives of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) in the force.

In his address, the Minister, who commended Police for its professional approaches to ensuring safety and security of people living in Rwanda, said, however, that there is a need to increase training, discipline, and service delivery as key factors for Police professionalism.

“Although a lot has been achieved, there is still more to be done in the direction of preventing and eliminating crimes," Minister Nyamvumba said.

He further challenged the officers to aim for "quality services" to the people and to strengthen the police-public partnership for effective community policing implementation.

“As the country continues to host various events and international meetings; harmony, peace, safety, and security remain key factors. Physical and intellectual preparations are fundamental to the proper discharge of the mandate to keep our country and the people safe and secure,” he reiterated.

The policing landscape, he said, warrants the security institutions to adopt new and advanced technological skills and equipment to facilitate police operations.

Gen. Nyamvumba pledged the government’s commitment to supporting and equipping the force to achieve its mandate of making "people in Rwanda safe, involved and reassured."

He further called for “personal scrutiny and exemplary character” in fighting corruption within and outside the institution, and other forms of high impact crimes.

IGP Munyuza, said: “This Police High Council has come at the time when we are ending the year. Although a lot has been done to ensure the security and safety for all, we need more efforts in preventing crimes like assault and battery, theft, drug abuse and child abuse that we continue to observe."

The Police Chief reminded officers that safety and security of the people is their overall responsibility, and urged them to foster a stronger partnership with the people and aim for service excellence in their units.

“Rwanda National Police is committed to promoting professionalism through capacity building, partnership with the community, infrastructure development and quality service delivery.”

The Police High Council, which is held quarterly, evaluates the implementation of resolutions taken in previous meetings, identifies successes and challenges, and devises new strategies to further improve law enforcement and security.

It particularly sets priorities to be undertaken to further professionalize the force in light of the evolving policing landscape.

Gen. Nyamvumba was addressing the ‘Police High Council’ at the Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters in Kacyiru.