Prosecution asks seven-year sentence for former BRD boss, Kanyankore

On 18 May 2019 at 04:30

The prosecution has requested Nyarugenge High Court to hand two-year sentence and a fine of Rwf 100 million fines against the former boss Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), Alex Kanyankole over alleged corruption and favoritism crimes.

Kanyankole is accused of soliciting for and receiving illegal benefits in order to offer a service and favoritism when he was the CEO of BRD between July 2013 and December 2017.

The prosecution launched an investigation against him in 2017 leading to his arrest on 2nd October 2018 when his file was sent to court.

Kanyankole and co-accused Kalema Juvenal have appeared in Nyarugenge High Court for trial on alleged crimes.

Kanyankore appeared in court with his three defense lawyers including Butare Godfrey, Umulisa Alice, and Rukangira Emmanuel while the co-accused Kalema was represented by Gariyo Eric.

The trial started around 9 am when the judge asked Kanyankole and his defense lawyer to provide explanations on favoritism related to the loan worth USD $ 3,433, 200 offered to Trust Industries in 2017.

Kanyankole explained that by the time he joined BRD in 2013, the bank had 25% shares in the plant which had received loan three times.

It is said that the previous loans were used by the plant to buy machinery. When Trust Industries sought another loan, credit analysts said the plant was not qualified.

BRD as one of the shareholders with responsibilities to advice partners requested the bank to seek the loan from other banks which also denied offering the loan for various challenges. Following the failure, BRD offered the loan.

The prosecution alleged that it was illegally approved by Kanyankole.

Kanyankole has explained that there was no favor for the plant because he offered a loan that has to be refunded and done to protect the interests of the bank as a shareholder.

The prosecution explained that according to the bank’s regulations, a loan beyond Rwf 600 million has to be offered after its assessment by a team of credit analysts and handing it to the CEO of BRD. The CEO also has to present the proposal to board members for approval.

The prosecution alleged that the procedure was not respected because Kanyankole never presented the report to board members but rather released the loan immediately. The prosecution said this serves as evidence pinning Kanyankole for favoritism charges because he offered services that are not shared to other clients seeking loans.

Me Rukangira said that the prosecution doesn’t explain clearly if failure to comply with regulations of loan delivery relates to favoritism.

He asked the court to acquit his client that there was no favoritism while offering the loan because the case didn’t implicate two plants competing for the loan. Me Rukangira said the prosecution doesn’t show the loss incurred by the loan offered to Trust Industries.

On the other hand, Karema co-accused with Kanyankole for receiving illegal benefits in order to offer a loan to Good Harvest and Primary School denied receiving gifts saying they are forged accusations.

Karema’s defense lawyer, Gariyo Eric said his client should not be a victim of forged accusations and requested his acquittal.

The prosecution said provided explanations are enough to pin Kanyankole and requested the court to hand Kanyankole seven years sentence and pay Rwf 100 million fine. The prosecution also requested that Karema be handed five-year sentence and pay Rwf 100 million fines.

After hearing both sides, the court announced that the ruling will be read on 13th June 2019 in Nyarugenge High Court.