Public warned against illegal trade in petroleum products

On 5 January 2020 at 01:41

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has cautioned the public against storing and selling petroleum products in their houses, which is "unlawful, a disaster risk endangering occupants and neighbouring communities."

On Thursday, petroleum products ignited fire which destroyed part of a house in Mukura Sector, Huye District.

The house belongs to one Francois Hakizimana, 27, who was using it to store petroleum products which he was selling on black market, Police said.

According to Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Vedaste Ruzigana, the acting District Police Commander (DPC) for Huye, the inflammable products were torched by a lit stove, which was placed nearby.

"The fire burnt all equipment that were inside the house and money. Diesel and petrol and dangerous inflammables... it’s suicide to keep them in the house. These are products that should be nowhere near a fire, that’s why they are controlled and only sold at petrol stations," said CIP Ruzigana.

He thanked residents who intervened to put out the fire before destroying the entire house and spreading to other neighboring houses.

"Hakizimana had turned his house into a store for petroleum products selling to motorists, which everyone should understand that it’s unlawful and punishable by law," the DPC warned.

The general public are reminded to always report anyone they suspect to be engaged in such illegal and risky businesses, fire or any disaster on; 111 fire and rescue, 112 emergency, 0788380853, 0788311224 and 0788311155.