RDB launches Mobile Employment Service

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 25 January 2020 at 08:40

Rwanda Development Board has established a platform through which youth, especially those in rural areas can easily job access information on job opportunities available ibility for the youth, especially those in rural areas.

Launched yesterday in Musanze district and operating under Mobile Employment Service, the project has in its employ solar-powered buses equipped with laptops and printers, allowing youth, especially those in rural areas, to search for jobs on RDB’s online job portal, kora.rw as well as receive career guidance from professionals.

Some of the youth in Musanze say that they will no longer have to go to distant places for news related to job opportunities.

One of the youth, Kuradusenge Claudine, said, “People like us from the countryside used to sit, waiting for a relative or friend to link us to jobs. Now, this bus with its technology will tackle our ease our access to information.”

Nshimiyimana Syldie said that this will also decrease the cost it used to take them to find job news.

“We used to walk a long distance going to the town for such services, costing us transportation fees and the services themselves; now they are bringing the services near us for free. What is being brought to us is an opportunity out of unemployment,” said Nshimiyimana Syldie.

Agatha Gilbert, who heads the project at RDB, said that the program aims at helping the youth easily access job the information.

“This service has a goal of making it easy for the youth to know where there are jobs and helping the employer in need of employees to get them. This bus has all the necessary devices to facilitate all of that, one way to fight unemployment.”

There are two such buses in service that will ply the whole country, in rural areas, with expectations to help 200,000 people find employment in one year. So far, 5% of those who use the service have got jobs.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda, unemployed Rwandans are 16.7%. with the youth, from age 16 to 30, forming 21%.