REG BBC, RP-IPRC Huye WBBC lift Basketball National Heroes’ cup

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 3 February 2020 at 10:46

REG BBC has won the Basketball National Heroes’ Tournament 2020 for men after scoring 71 points against 62 of APR BBC. Among the women’s teams, RP-IPRC Huye won the tournament against The Hoops Rwanda, with 70-47 scores. The matches took place on Sunday, January 2, 2020, at Petit Stade, Remera.

The tournament is organized by the Rwanda Basketball Federation (FERWABA) in partnership with The Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honor (CHENO) to mark National Heroes’ Day that is commemorated on February 2nd.

Among men’s teams, REG BBC met APR BBC in the finals for which the former was playing finals for the third time consecutively and the latter was a first-timer.

As the match got into motion, REG BBC right from the start performed well, outperforming APR BBC in the first quarter with 21 points against 15. In the second quarter, it scored 25 points against 17 points of APR BBC and went to the half-time having a difference of 14 points (46-32).

Even though APR BBC reduced the difference in points in the third quarter, making it only nine (57-48), REG BBC took the game with 71-62 points, winning the tournament for the third time consecutively.

Among women’s teams, RP-IPRC Huye WBBC which had previously won the tournament in 2018, took it again after beating The Hoops Rwanda 70-47 points.

The first quarter left The Hoops Rwanda beat, with RP-IPRC Huye WBBC’s 18 points over 9 points of The Hoops Rwanda. However, in the second quarter of the match, the game took another turn as The Hoops Rwanda scored 18 points over 13 of RP-IPRC Huye WBBC, making a total of 31-27.

RP-IPRC Huye WBBC surged its points in the third quarter, with 23 points against 12 points of The Hoops Rwanda. In the last quarter, RP-IPRC Huye WBBC won the final game with 70 points against 47 of The Hoops Rwanda.

Both the winning teams, REG BBC and IPRC Huye WBBC were given cups and checks of Rwf 500,000 each. APR BBC and The Hoops Rwanda, coming second in the tournament, received Rwf 300,000.