Rejected and ejected: Dr. Munyakazi expelled from PDI

On 5 March 2020 at 01:35

The Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Rwanda (PDI) has relieved Dr. Isaac Munyakazi, the former Minister of State for Education in charge of primary and secondary, of his position as vice president and expelled him forthwith due to what they called grievous wrongdoing.

The party expulsion follows Munyakazi’s resignation as a state minister on February 6, 2020, occasioned by his dishonesty by doctoring school performance ranking in national exams where he is suspected of placing a school among the best 10, yet it was among those in hundreds by rating.

The PDI president, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana, has told IGIHE that his dismissal from the party follows the confession of his wrongdoing, which dented the trust the country had placed in him.

"So as an organization that respects national values, we have decided to dismiss him from the party,”

Harelimana said that Dr. Munyakazi had just written to quit from the party “for personal reasons”, where he was the second vice-president of the PDI. In his letter, he had asked to suspend involvement in the party’s activities for an unspecified period.

Harelimana, however, scorned at the ‘personal reasons.’: “His personal reasons were the ones we hold in much contempt. They were not his personal reasons but despicable acts that are harming the country. Due to that, we expelled him. We did not accept his resignation, but we expelled him.”

Harelimana said taking this decision was to take a message to other leaders from the party, to always exercise exemplary performance and should be role models in workplaces and while in other national duties.

"When a person has been trusted, he brings trustworthiness to the party; when he involves in reprehensible acts, he shames himself and humiliates the party,” lashed Harelimana.

During the National Leadership Retreat hosted at the Gabiro Military Training Centre last month, President Paul Kagame revealed that had taken a bribe of Rwf500,000
“Munyakazi met officials of some school that had been ranked last and they asked him to rank it among the top schools. He complied by putting the school among the top schools. He was awarded just Rwf500,000 for it. If I had not fired him, he would be here with us and none of you would come up to ask me why. That is how you have normalized bad behavior,” President Kagame told the officials.

Dr. Munyakazi was not the only PDI member in the government. Other senior officials include Harelimana, who is currently the Vice President of Parliament - the Chamber of Deputies - and Senator Murangwa Hadija.

The Executive Committee of the PDI has relieved Dr. Isaac Munyakazi of his position as vice president and expelled him forthwith due to what they called grievous wrongdoing.