Remains of over 100 genocide victims accorded decent burial in Nyarugenge

On 27 September 2019 at 08:00

Over 100 remains of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi exhumed at a home of late Nyakwigendera Rwagasana located in the Rwezamenyo sector of Nyarugenge district have been given a decent burial.

They were buried on Thursday evening at the Nyanza genocide memorial in Kicukiro district.

Information on whereabouts the 100 victims killed at the home of late genocide victim, Rwagasana was unveiled 13th September 2019.

After learning about it, children of late Rwagasana living in Europe and relatives of victims killed as they sought refuge at the home went for the search of relatives’ remains to be buried decently.

During the burial, genocide survivors expressed delight for finding remains of relatives for decent burial after 25 years.

Karambizi Carine, one of the survivors from the family of late Rwagasana thanked all relevant institutions for support in finding and exhuming the remains of the relatives. She also requested for support to hold accountable genocide perpetrators who killed relatives wandering freely across the globe.

The representative of mourning families, Eric Rutayisire asked relevant institutions to draw attention on information provided by residents.

The Minister of Justice and State Attorney General, Busingye Johnston thanked those who provided information and urged the rest to do the same.

“Firstly, I condole with relatives of victims buried today. It was mentioned that we accord decent burial to remains of victims exhumed from the home where the sought refuge but it is evident that more people lost lives there. I want the search for their remains continued,” he said.

The Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye, thanked those who provided information and urged the rest to do the same
Dr. BIZIMANA Jean Damascene, Executive Secretary of CNLG